“Richard Woodhouse’s Cause Book: the Opium-Eater, the Magazine Wars, and the London Literary Scene in 1821”


in Harvard Library Bulletin 9.3 (Fall 1998), i-xxiv, 1-43.


“What I find most compelling about this edition of the Cause Book is Morrison’s attention to detail. His editing is wonderful and his historical scholarship is satisfyingly thorough. He carefully situates the text within its cultural and historical setting with informative endnotes that are packed with specific, valuable, and meaningful information. For example, these notes provide brief yet detailed sketches of both key and minor figures mentioned in the Cause Book, thus fleshing out the social circles described by Woodhouse and De Quincey. Morrison’s notes also offer interesting connections to letters and diaries of De Quincey’s contemporaries that substantiate, clarify, and sometimes correct the accounts of events given in Woodhouse’s conversational recollections. The research behind these notes is nothing short of impressive, and this editorial work further reveals the historical and scholarly significance of this unabridged edition.” – David S. Hogsette, Romanticism on the Net, February 2001.