The Regency Revolution is an absorbing and powerful history of this period….From urban planning to landscape painting, the scope of The Regency Revolution is vast and illustrative of the unique contributions and lasting impact of this era. Robert Morrison has incorporated a wealth of attention-grabbing details (Austen’s mother took opium for travel sickness) and contemporary sources. The words of Lord Byron, Sir Robert Peel, and many others fill the pages. However, this is also an unflinching account of the terrible impact of deprivation, exploitation, and suffering.” —Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, August 2019

“A huge canvas is covered with great brio. There’s no doubt that the Regency was a lively time, and in many ways Morrison catches it with spirited energy and pithy narrative.” —Book of the Week, Times Higher Education Supplement, August 2019

“Zippy and vivid portrait of the Regency era.” —Henry Hitchings, Book of the Week, The Sunday Times (London), June 2019

“A thoroughly entertaining…popular history that will please fans of British history and literature.” —Kelly Blewett, Cincinnati Public Radio, May 2019

“Elegant, entertaining, and frequently surprising.” —Miranda Seymour, New York Times Book Review, May 2019

“Morrison showcases that relatively brief period — less than a decade — as an age of ‘remarkable diversity, upheaval, and elegance’. . . . Given such plenty, what more could one ask from a work of cultural history?” —Michael Dirda, Washington Post, May 2019

“Superb…The Regency period lasted for less than a decade but, as Mr Morrison argues, ‘its many legacies are still all around us.’ It was also, as this book amply proves, marvellously entertaining.” —The Economist, May 2019

The Regency Years reads like a romance novel of its period without the novel but makes an entertaining nonfiction read with superior prose and dialogue.” —Robert Davis, New York Journal of Books, April 2019

“Morrison’s well annotated and engagingly anecdotal book is a worthy romp through one of the most licentious, libertarian and obviously paradoxical decades in British history.” —Eve Zibart, BookPage, April 2019

“This engaging history transports readers to England during the years 1811-1820.” —Tom Beer, Newsday, April 2019

“The Prince Regent…ruled over a period of extraordinary creativity and it is that progressive cultural legacy that Mr. Morrison commends to contemporary Britain and the rest of the world.” —Ruth Scurr, The Wall Street Journal, April 2019

“In this ambitious survey…Morrison…highlights the patterns linking the Regency period with our own time….Morrison gathers a broad range of topics into a strong, cohesive, and fast-moving narrative. An excellent introduction for readers new to the period and a fresh take for Regency enthusiasts.” —Sara Jorgensen, Booklist Reviews, March 2019

“In this delightful history, literary scholar Morrison argues that England’s Regency period (1811-1820) was ‘perhaps the most extraordinary decade in all of British history’, and ‘marked the appearance of the modern world’….Morrison’s lively and engaging study not only illuminates these many and rapid changes, but convincingly argues that ‘its many legacies are still all around us.’” —Publishers Weekly [starred review], February 2019

“A lively new chronicle brings crisp focus to a significant decade in British history and culture….Morrison expertly encapsulates the brief, radical trends and movements of this era of ‘intense sociability.’” —Kirkus Reviews, February 2019