Reviews of The Regency Years

“In this ambitious survey…Morrison…highlights the patterns linking the Regency period with our own time….Morrison gathers a broad range of topics into a strong, cohesive, and fast-moving narrative. An excellent introduction for readers new to the period and a fresh take for Regency enthusiasts.”–Sara Jorgensen, Booklist Reviews, March 2019

“In this delightful history, literary scholar Morrison argues that England’s Regency period (1811-1820) was ‘perhaps the most extraordinary decade in all of British history’, and ‘marked the appearance of the modern world’….Morrison’s lively and engaging study not only illuminates these many and rapid changes, but convincingly argues that ‘its many legacies are still all around us.’”–Publishers Weekly [starred review], February 2019

“A lively new chronicle brings crisp focus to a significant decade in British history and culture….Morrison expertly encapsulates the brief, radical trends and movements of this era of ‘intense sociability.’”–Kirkus Reviews, February 2019